SimpleChanges ottawa

Donate, Keep, Toss



Using a professional organizer is an investment in your lifestyle and Simple Changes Ottawa ensures that the service you receive makes this a worthwhile and enjoyable process for you. We gently suggest different ways to de-clutter and live with less. We come to your home, make an assessment via a series of questions. Our apprpach is to be helpful and non-judgemental and we help to create an atmosphere that is more serene and easier to maintaine. Investing in a professional organizer is like investing in an interior designer but significantly less expensive! It is a quick process, the changes are dramatic and our clients love what we do for them.


• Kitchens & Bathrooms will be free from counter clutter you no longer need or use
• They will be free from expired food / cosmetics
• Sentimental items, photographs and keepsakes will be organized /displayed to view easily
• Toys and clothes will have homes of their own
• Your keys,mobile phones, gloves, etc will all have a their specific places
• Storage will be organized for your CD's / DVD's etc... 


• Sleep better in a clean and tidy environment
• Feel more energized to start projects and carry them through to their end
• You will be better equipped to part with sentimental items