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Donate, Keep, Toss

 Simple Changes testimonialsI have lived in the same house for 40 years and moved to a retirement home. Having to significantly let go of many memories and items was a difficult process.Simple Changes Ottawa held a garage sale followed by the process of keeping, donating and tossing! 

Affter a long history of conveniently dispensing and cluttering my basement and garage I had contractedSimple Changes Ottawa. They were very professional and efficient. Jack

Simple Changes” has definitely been a blessing for my parents. Their move to a senior living community was made possible with these two amazing ladies who were able to simplify my parent’s life and mine. I would not hesitate to recommend “Simple Changes Sarah 

I was getting ready for visitors and found that my closets and bureaus were a mess leaving no room for my guests belongings.Simple Changes Ottawa were a indispensable. With their gentle persistenceSimple Changes Ottawa helped me to not only to let go of things but donated many of my items.   Thank youSimple Changes Ottawa. Laura

I am a bachelor and have a very hectic schedule. One day I had a few friends over to watch a soccer game and I told them to just help themselves to anything in the fridge or cupboards. I ended up getting teased because they thought I was growing unkown bacteria in my fridge not to mention the state of my cupboards that was full of expired products. I hiredSimple Changes Ottawa. Two lovely ladies came in and completely de-cluttered my kitchen. It felt great to walk in and know where everything wa. I would highly recommend them to anyone. Bruce